Casino players who are also Superman fans have more fun coming their way. It can also be said that the fun factor with slot machines has been raised to a completely new exciting level. There is a completely new slot machine with Superman flying all over it, literally. Released a small time ago, this slot machine game developed by Cryptologic is now available at America Casino.

Rules of the Game

The wild symbol in this slot is Superman himself. He takes the place of each and every symbol, leaving only the Superman logo. The game goes this way. You make 10 free spins whenever Superman comes on reels from 2 to 4. And, when you are playing the free spins, Superman will keep appearing randomly on any of the reels. And, the big thing is that whenever you are able to make a winning combination while the free spins are in progress, the prizes you win grow by as much as 5 times. But here you cannot re-trigger the free spins.

Bonus Bet Feature

The Bonus Bet feature on the Superman slot machine can be activated by playing on all of the 50 pay lines along with 10 additional coins. Once you are able to activate the Bonus Bet feature, you will be able to trigger another feature known as Save the World. You can achieve this whenever Superman logos appear 3 or more times on the screen.

The graphics associated with the game are simply marvelous. When the bonus game is in progress, Superman flies through a shower of meteor destroying the missiles and making you win prizes. And, as Superman is able to make it to Earth, you are given the option to select from three doors lined with lead.

One of the doors leads you to the kryptonite, which symbolizes the ending of the bonus game. One of the other doors leads you into a room full of hostages who are then rescued by Superman. And the third door takes you to LexLuthor. And, when Superman gets hold of him, you win as much as 100 times of the triggering bet.

The Slot machine was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey. And, by 1907 the machine started being manufactured with the collaboration between the inventor and the Mills Novelty Company.
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