Sticky Bonus

Sticky bonus is particularly known as 'sticky' due to a special reason. It started being called so when casinos introduced this bonus to make players stick on with the games for longer periods. These bonuses are also called Play Only bonus. This means that they are not meant to be withdrawn but only to be used in playing.

These bonuses are preferred by many veteran players of online gaming. They are also considered to be the most profitable among all the bonuses available with online casinos. These bonuses are provided my most casinos in the form of welcome bonuses. These bonuses are more munificent in comparison to other kinds of non-sticky bonuses. In order to tell the difference between both, it would help to learn the conditions of a sticky casino bonus.

Sticky and non-sticky bonuses

The first difference is that sticky bonus is not allowed to be withdrawn. Once you make the initial deposit, the match bonus is awarded and released to your account, which is kept aside. And, every time a bet is placed, the bet amount is reduced from this balance. And, the bet is counted for the wagering requirement.

When you win in that particular game round, then the amount bet is deposited back to your bonus balance, while the amount won is deposited into your accessible account. And after the wagering requirement is fulfilled, you can withdraw the amount. It is these wagering requirements that are used by the casino to make you play longer or to say, 'stick around'. Your objective while fulfilling the wagering requirements is to win more than what is lost. This way, once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements of the casino, you can walk away with a good bankroll.

Another difference is that sticky bonuses are generally quite large. The wagering requirement for these bonuses is smaller than that for non-sticky bonuses.

When it comes to welcome bonuses, casinos are not out of ease to give some relaxations in their rules. This is because they are aware of the fact that their bonuses will always remain intact with them. But, with casino bonuses that are cashable, the casinos have a great risk to face. You not only have the freedom to withdraw the bonus amount, but if you turn out to be lucky, they would lose a lot of money. Since a casino does not want to lose big money, most casinos do not use non-sticky bonuses.

It is not unusual to find sticky casino bonuses that have match percentages as high as 500% to thousands of dollars. Since, the bonus amount is always safe with the casino, they do not have any problem with increasing it, or to say, showing some generosity.

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