Cashback Bonus

Standard cashback bonuses help you by refunding a specific portion of your losses in a fixed period of time. But, this payment is only made in case there is a net loss within the specific period. These bonuses are sometimes given as a part of the net win instead of loss.

With cashback bonuses, mostly you will not find any wagering requirement. Even though the risk involved is a little high with these bonuses, the EV is quite high and there are lots of reloads.

Comparison with Sticky and Clearplay

Cashback bonuses for loss are somewhat like sticky bonuses and like Clearplay bonuses when you cash out in the early stages of the game. Take for example a cashback bonus of 25% or up to100 dollars. You have wagered on coin flips that are no-house-edge till you are either able to gain or lose $400. Half the time, when wagering is in progress, you would gain $400 and rest of the time you lose $400. A loss of $400 makes the net loss to $300, as you get a cashback of 25% up to 100 dollars. Thus, the bonus has an EV of $50.

The formula calculating the EV of a sticky bonus and Clearplay bonus when you cash out early is the same as that for cashback bonus. But despite this similarity, there is a difference in the level of risk involved. For the same factors of strategy and bonus, the average loss or win size is smaller for cashback bonuses.

The bad thing is that you will not find many bonuses that are entirely cashback in nature. These bonuses are mostly 10 to 25% cashback in nature.


The strategy is to start by selecting a size of deposit that will ensure that you get the desired cashback bonus even when the complete deposit is lost. As an example, if you receive a cashback bonus of 25% up to 100 dollars, a deposit of $400 needs to be made in order to get the maximum bonus.

The right strategy for this bonus is almost like the optimal strategy for clearplay bonus and sticky bonus. Initiate your game with large bets having high variance on games with low house edge. Continue with this strategy until you reach a target. With most of the cashback bonuses there is no wagering requirement. Hence, you are at liberty to either cash out once you have reached the target in case you win or to wait until the cash is credited in case you lose.

You should keep an important point in mind about cashback bonuses. If you have a few big bets or a single bet, you stand the chance of being tagged as an advantage player. This will eliminate you from enjoying any offers in future.

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